Welcome to the International Association for Counter-terrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP)

The International Association for Counter-terrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP) was founded in 1992 to meet the security challenges facing the world as it entered an era of globalization in the 21st century. The IACSP believes that all elements of the world’s societies must become better educated about the threats of terrorism as a first step toward developing innovative and effective countermeasures to them.

The IACSP is based on the principle that a better informed society will result in a freer one. This responsibility lies not only with the government;  since the threats inherent in our changing world must be confronted by all segments of society.


Expertise & Background

The IACSP CSS has unrivalled expertise. Our experts, consultants, trainers and analysts have actively dealt with political violence and terrorism and its effects. Our experts are former active military, intelligence and police personnel as well as operational and academic scholars.

Comprehensive experience in counter-terrorism, maritime and aviation security and security threats means that we have achieved a unique understanding of international and regional security threats.

IACSP CSS consultants and personnel have vast expertise in the academia, business research, military, police, special forces, intelligence core and specialized units. Our counter terrorist experts are both operational and academia focused in providing in-depth information and intelligence on security related issues. Our core partners have distinguished worldwide reputation and many have been decorated for their efforts in the fight against terrorism.

The IACSP SEA in-house trainings and services are one of its kinds, combining a wealth of expertise and experiences by senior staff of the IACSP. Our experts include psychologist, intelligence, law enforcement, counter and anti terrorism specialist who have been involved in conducting theoretical as well as physical trainings. Our clients include law enforcement, intelligence units, military, prisons, customs and immigration and border control units. The IACSP SEA also provides the private sector in threat assessment and management for cooperate human resource, public relations, legal and security professionals as well as for the banking and insurance sector on anti money laundering and insurance fraud.

Asean Security Symposium

IACSP – RMP Terrorist Financing

PlanetData – The Security News Network

PlanetData provides news and information globally.

IACSP in partnership with S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute

S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute trains thousands of security, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals in critical public safety topics. With a staff of world-class instructors, S2 has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s premier sources for security and public safety training.

“Get this before you Travel”

The IACSP High Risk Environments Survival Checklist

As U.S. and coalition forces, corporate employees, and contractors continue to surge overseas for both operational and commercial trips, there is an urgent need for up-to-the minute, validated, credible personal security and survival information on what to do and how to get ready. Seven years in the making, the High Risk Environments Survival™ (HRES) Checklist is an electronic reference document providing information, resources, and inputs covering all of the key areas for taking a trip overseas to a high-risk area.

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