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Interactive map: Africa’s border security challenges and requirements

Nations across Africa are investing heavily to enhance their border security capabilities in an effort to effectively deter illicit cross border activity. For example: The launch of the Border Management Authority (BMA) in South Africa proved the significance of joint operations to maximise border security and improve the resilience of border authorities.

To give you a better understanding of what challenges Africa’s borders are facing and the requirements they need in order to combat them, we’ve put together an interactive map which gives you a glimpse of:

  • Threats faced by some of the major countries in the continent
  • Steps and actions taken by authorities to combat these threats
  • Major spending by each country to solve their border security challenges and develop upcoming requirements

Download the map for more details>>

The report has been developed in conjunction with the Africa Border Management & Security Expo taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 20-21 November.

Source: https://bordersecurityafrica.iqpc.com/landing/interactive-map-africas-border-security-challenges-and-requirements-1