Visit to the Ministry of Defence Malaysia – August 12th 2018

Andrin Raj together with Terence Fernendes, Media and Communication’s Director of IACSP with Malaysian Defence Minister, YB Mohammad Sabu at his office in  Mindef. The meeting took place to address the IACSP’s 2018 Asean Security Symposium and the support of the event by the Minister himself in engaging with the IACSP in countering the threats of terrorism.

The meeting also provided the Minister with IACSP’s previous trainings provided to the Ministry of Defence on countering terrorism. The IACSP 2018 Symposium was opened and graced by the Minister himself giving the keynote speech during the Symposium.

The IACSP will ensure key support to the Minister on needs of advise and consulting on terrorism and its threats to Malaysia and globally as a specialist centre with its international experts operating locally and abroad


Call for Tender

IACSP Asean Security Symposium 2020

The Board of Directors is requesting for events Organization’s to tender their proposal to run the IACSP Asean Security Symposium for 2020.

For further information on tender requirements please contact andrin.raj@iacspsea.com for further information